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The Gallery


Here are some larger pictures of things on our site. You may also see images of things not found elsewhere in our web pages. I put brief captions where necessary. In order to make updating easier, though, there are no links on this page.

  • Aliens
  • Battle Droid Replicas
  • Dinosaurs **NEW UPDATES**
  • Fire Breathing Dragon
  • Fire Equipment
  • Automated Ghoul
  • Cast and Crew - "Space Wars" Halloween Show
  • Stormtrooper Armor
  • 1/2 Scale X-Wing Fighter

  • - Aliens -

    These creepy guys were fabricated by one of our artist friends to use in a halloween "Area 51" show we did.
    - Battle Droids -

    We made two of these full-size Battle Droid Replicas for our Space Wars show.
    - Robotic Dinosaurs -

    We have been building fullsized robotic dinosaurs since 1995. Here are some pictures that don't appear on our Dinosaur Canyon page.
    Our deinonychus,
    and an early velociraptor model with artist Jim Watts.
    Here's the grin that is a real crowd pleaser!
    Dudley- our 2nd Velociraptor,
    Built by Jim Watts.
    and Our 1st T-Rex
    Here I am working on our 2nd full-size robotic T-Rex.
    Here is our newest and most complex dinosaur, the sixteen foot Kentrosaurus.
    This is Elliot, a 5 foot long Dilophosaurus- our first robotic dinosaur.
    These are some rare pics of the...
    ...Kentrosaurus during construction.
    A nice grouping
    - UPDATED Hi-Res images of the exhibit during the '06 upgrades.
    Here's an unusual view of the T-Rex taken from inside the exhibit.
    The T-Rex got lots of mechanical work in '06.
    He will soon get a new control module...
    ...to take advantage of his increased range of motion.
    Our major task for '06 was replacing the skin on the Kentrosaurus.
    Mechanical upgrades were made to improve his spine...
    And a wild new anaconda-inspired skin pattern was chosen.
    The Kentrosaurus will also be getting a new controller soon.
    The Deinonychus is the next be upgraded...
    Well actually the plan is to replace the entire piece.
    After menacing visitors for 6 years it doesn't have much life left in it.
    The Protoceratops on the other hand is a real trooper.
    In the years it has been running it has needed no repairs or maintenance.
    Much fewer moving parts have given the Protoceratops an excellent performance record.
    In the meantime, he keeps his chin up and keeps plugging away.
    Once these upgrades are completed, the exhibit will be good to go for years to come.
    - Fire Breathing Dragon -

    The full-size animated dragon we built for a midieval show
    A video clip of the Dragon in action!
    - Fire Equipment -

    FORD F-550 Light Rescue Truck
    Stainless Fire Pump Operator's Panel
    Rescue Tool and other Features
    FORD F-250 Light Rescue Truck
    Slide-Out Rescue Tool Storage
    Fire Extinguisher Demo Trailer
    - Automated Pneumatic Corpse -

    We built this for the 2003 Halloween Show...
    - "Space Wars" Halloween Show Cast -

    Here are just some of the costumed volunteers that helped with "Space Wars" - One of our most memorable Halloween shows.
    - Replica Stormtrooper Armor -

    Here are two of the Stormtrooper Armor Replicas we built for the Halloween show.
    The vacuum formed pieces were time consuming to build, but well worth it!
    - Half-Scale X-Wing Fighter Prop -

    We built this for our Space Wars show.
    It's a shame we had to tear it up and throw it away after the two-day event- We just don't have the space to store 25 foot long models!
    Here is a view with the bay door open...ready to launch!
    Here I am standing behind the model for scale reference.
     , ,