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"Bringing Dinosaurs to Life!"

Dinosaur Exhibit Now Showing!

at the Tucson Children's Museum!



Rob Meyer Productions has had the privilege of working with the Tucson Children's Museum since 1997. We have assisted with their regular programs throughout the year, and we have visited twice with our travelling robotic dinosaur exhibit for their "Dino Daze" summer program.

In the fall of 1999 the Museum inquired as to if we could provide a more permanent dinosaur display to fill the west gallery of the museum. We were excited to have 1600 square feet of space to fill with big dinosaurs and a wonderful recreation of their habitat. Rob Meyer, Jim Watts, and Diane Vetter, along with a host of volunteers worked diligently for eleven months to bring dinosaur canyon to life.

On November 16th, 2003 Rob Meyer was honored with the "Volunteer of the Year" award for work done maintaining Dinosaur Canyon and other exhibits. Rob wishes to acknowledge that this honor should be shared with Diane Vetter, Jim Watts, the staff and management of the Children's Museum, and the many other volunteers that make our work possible. It certainly has not been a one-person show, and we are thankful for the many friends that have helped us.

We would also like to acknowledge the financial contributions that were made by generous members of our community. It was their support that made Dinosaur Canyon and the other fine exhibits at the Tucson Children's Museum a reality, and it is through the financial support of the community and patrons of the Children's Museum that we are able to keep these exhibits up and running year after year.



Dinosaur Canyon is a multimedia exhibit...

 Kentrosaurus - a stegosaurid  Deinonychus - a dromeaosaurid 

As the museum visitor enters the large west gallery of the museum, they pass through a sculpted stone tunnel and into a world one hundred million years in the making. The exhibit features four life-sized dinosaurs which are on permanent static display and may be viewed at any time.

Throughout the day, though, an intriguing and entertaining educational video by Dorling-Kindersley accompanies the exhibit. The video starts at twenty minute intervals and illustrates the fascinating- if not always accurate- science of paleontology. The video is filled with whimsical depictions of dinosaurs and their behaviour.

As the video runs, the exhibit's automated show controller activates the robotic dinosaurs at different points in the presentation. The mix between the media and the robotic dinosaurs makes Dinosaur Canyon a sight to be enjoyed by all ages.

Protoceratops - a ceratopsian

The backdrop for this magnificent display is a colorful diorama depicting the world of the Mesozoic Era. Diane Vetter spent months painting over 100 linear feet of background murals for the exhibit. Jim Watts then constructed life sized recreations of sequoia tree trunks that tower 14 feet to the ceiling. Shelli Collingham put the finishing touch on the set dressings with dozens of silk ferns, bromeliads, and other recreations of prehistoric plant life. Once the ground cover was in place, airbrush artist David Tartaglia filled our mesozoic sky with billowing clouds and a blazing sunrise.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - a tyrannosaur

Dinosaur Canyon first opened on October 13th, 2000. It is now in its 8th year of operation. If you want to witness Dinosaur Canyon for yourself, you may do so by visiting the Tucson Children's Museum at 200 S. Sixth Ave. You may also call (520)792-9985 for prices, directions, and hours.