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Rob Meyer Productions is a Metal Fabrication, Practical Effects, and Costuming Studio located in Tucson, Arizona. Most of our work so far has centered around live-action entertainment such as Halloween Haunted Houses and Robotic Dinosaur Exhibits. In the past we have also assisted with Video and Film Production.

Our services range from Custom Metal Fabrication to Robotics, Radio Control Systems, Automation, Creature Effects, or just about anything else that exists and moves in the physical realm.

Although we do not do any digital effects per se, we sometimes utilize them secondarily as integral elements of our props, such as the animated face projector we made for one of our halloween shows, or the simulated radar tracking screens we built as props for a UFO show we did.

We also specialize in Practical Mechanical Effects, providing film and video producers with seamless transitions between Digital Effects/CGI and their real-world counterparts.

We worked for over five years on the develpment of a fully autonomous GPS guided vehicle to compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge, a cross-country challenge race being hosted by the defense department's research and developement agency. Our vehicle competed for spots in the National Qualifying Event for two consecutive seasons, making it to the level of the Site Visit Qulification Round in the second season.

In the past we have campaigned two robots in the exciting spectacle of Combat Robotics. We have competed thus far for two seasons at Battlebots and we look forward to more action in the future. Our services are available to any teams who need assistance in the design or fabrication of their own combat robots.

RMP does most of our work locally, but we invite you to tell us your needs. You might be suprised what we can do for you!

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