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Rob Meyer's R2-D2 Replica
  • I originally built this full-scale replica of the movie robot R2-D2 as a static prop. Over more than ten years I have worked to improve the appearance and functionality of this movie icon.

  • When I first drafted my own plans for this project, I had little more to go on than a single side-view drawing from a Star Wars magazine, and a series of production stills. Even so, the drawing provided me with one known dimension- a body diameter of about 18", which I used as a scale reference. At present most details of my R2 are within .25" of the blueprints that are now available.

  • I built the dome from an 18" Weber barbeque kettle. This made arranging the details on the dome a challenge. The kettle is hemispherical, while R2-D2's dome is more egg shaped. This required me to experiment with the placement of the dome details to arrive at something that looked natural.